Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 resolutions

For a couple of weeks now I have been giving some thought as to what I'd like to consider easy and reasonable resolutions for 2011. Things that I should (in theory) be able to do without dropping the ball, so to speak. And so I am posting my list of resolutions here in cyberspace for the whole world to see.

1. Read my Bible more. Now I know I don't really go around advertising my faith, but I am a Christian- Evangelical Presbyterian (I do have it on Facebook I believe). Am I the best Christian? No. Am I a sinner? Absolutely. I would have no need for God if this were not the case. So as you can see there is obviously room for improvement, and I believe that studying my Bible more than I do now will be helpful. It certainly can't hurt :)

2. Keep in touch with family and friends better. I keep up with them OK, but again there is room for improvement in this area (esp. with a new family member on the way). And I don't just mean e-mail and Facebook. I plan to send snail mail on a more regular basis. Why? Because it is more personal and I feel that it is more meaningful than something quick and electronic. This also means a trip to English Tea Paperie for some new stationary! Of course I Skype with family but I don't feel that I do this enough either. So more Skype-ing(?)!!

3. Holiday/Birthday cards! This year I did a good job up until about September. I started getting sick and I don't mean from the pregnancy. I have battled the flu, infections, fevers, cruds, fell down some name it. And so in the latter part of the year I simply left messages on Facebook, sent e-mails, and made the occasional phone call as I just did not feel like going out in this terrible weather to purchase any type of card. This year I will do better. Come rain, sleet, snow (and possibly the flu) I will send out cards!

4. At the end of this month, around the 20th, we are going to be moving into our new apartment. I sincerely want to get everything fixed and ready in said new apartment before the baby joins us the first week of May. Now this may sound easy but I am thinking it will be easier said than done. Hubby and I will both be working, we have a lot of things to do and buy, and I have absolutely NO energy after working with 2-3 year olds all day long. And I am fully aware of the fact that if I am not supervising and helping out then things will not be where and how "we" want them in the new place. :)

5. Blog more! Yeah, yeah, it has been said before but this year I mean to do it. But I am setting what I feel is a realistic goal. I won't be on here everyday. And I am sure that when little Annika graces the world with her presence this goal will fall by the wayside for a time. That said I want to post at least 1-2 times per week instead of maybe once a month. Things do happen around here and I just never seem to blog about them. I hope to change this.

6. Be a better wife and a good mom (when the time comes!). The hubby says that he has no complaints, that he thinks I am a great wife, but people can always make improvements in their lives. So this is going to be one of my main goals for this new year.

7. Eat better, cook more. My kitchen in the apartment where we currently live is TINY. When I cook I never get around to making what I consider to be a properly balanced meal because I there is just no room to prepare everything I want to fix. I have no workspace. None. You could place two 3-ringed binder in my "workspace". When you are really cooking that is just not enough room! The new apartment has a lovely, spacious, REAL kitchen and there is even room for the baby in there!! So I want to do more, better cooking this year. And since I am no longer eating for just myself healthier, home cooked meals are just what the doctor ordered!

This is me at 21 weeks. I am 22 weeks today. Although I am not worrying too much about the weight gain at the moment, there will come a point when I will need to watch what is going into "our" body. You like junk. Ha ha! So healthier it is!!

I really hope that I can keep these resolutions, and for those of you that have also made resolutions and set goals I hope that you are able to keep and reach them as well!

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peter said...

I really enjoyed your blog. You are so right about the need to stay in touch, and by snail mail, not just Facebook and emails (which get deleted very quickly.

My resolution for 2011 started with my sending out Christmas cards to family, friends and business clients. I used an internet based system and designed, signed and snail mailed all my cards from my computer.

You can try it out for FREE, even send yourself a moving announcement card or a Valentine's Day card, for FREE, on me.

God bless.